E Cigs Are On The Move

E cigs, short for electronic cigarettes, has taken the market by storm because of the novelty of the device and its beginnings as a way for tobacco smokers to wean themselves from cigarettes.

E cigs are cylindrical devices what contain a glycol liquid which is heated and atomized in order to produce a vapor that is then inhaled and exhaled to simulate the smoking process. A level of nicotine can be included and can be varied at to its strength. This has enabled people to taper down the nicotine in order to quit the addition to the substance.

Even if a person does not want to lower the nicotine level, the e cigs are deemed to be less corrosive as normal cigarettes because of the lack of cancer causing agents that are found in tobacco cigarettes. There are over 200 carcinogenic chemicals that are in cigarette smoke that have been proven to cause lung cancer. There is none of that in e cigs.

For an additional novelty, and a very popular one at that, is the ability to add different flavorings to the e cigs. Everything from fruit flavors to mint, menthol and chocolate make the electronic cigarette a very popular and enjoyable habit to form.

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The E Cigarette And Its Impact

The impact of the e cigarette is being felt all over the world as its popularity has grown out of just a way to stop smoking tobacco to a genuine cult movement rivaling the best of them. People are appearing all over in public with the devices as though the e cig has always been a staple of society.

Actually, it is becoming that, as we are beginning to see them in TV shows and the movies. The product did have its beginning in a sort of cult newness of experimentation, and yet it is breaking out of its shell into to new territory.

The e cigarette device has a e liquid contained inside that becomes heated and produces a vapor that acts much like smoke, and is inhaled and exhaled by the user. There is also the ability to place nicotine in various strengths along with many different flavors which can be mixed in as well. This gives a whole new palate of experimentation that can be done.

It turns out that the blending of the product uniqueness and its relative safety compared to regular cigarettes, is a marketing coup akin to previous events such as Coca Cola, M & M’s and regular cigarettes combined.

Many users started on the e cigarette in order to get away from tobacco. It is a known fact that there are 160,000 deaths from lung cancer every year in the United States and millions world wide. There is a direct scientific correlation between cigarette smoking and lung cancer, and by switching to the e cig, former tobacco smokers simply eliminate the hazard without giving up the habit.

This is why big tobacco is beginning to enter into the marketplace, with Lolliard purchasing Blu Ecigs last year, and RJ Reynolds coming out with its own e cigarette brand. Reynolds’ open encouragement for people to switch from tobacco based products to e cig products may be a drumbeat for future emphasis from big tobacco.

Certain regulatory institutions are beginning to say that e cigarettes need to be regulated more because ‘we cannot be sure what is in the e cigarettes.’ It may be more to the point that the politicians see dollar signs in the form of tax revenue as the e cig brands start to create bigger profits.

In reality, it would no be difficult to put different substances into e cigarettes such as illegal drugs, but not any more so than putting illegal drugs in anything. To regulate a device, when it is not the device that is at fault borders on the ridiculous. Even if standards were to be created that would divulge the contents of the products, that would not be a bad thing, or a hardship for e cigarettes.

It is extremely likely that we are on the cusp of a marketing explosion with e cigarettes gaining more popularity each and every day, and with new innovations in design and the entry of big tobacco makes all of this a very interesting phenomenon.

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